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Martin Hawrysko

Martin on Media is penned by Martin Hawrysko, a Chicago area millennial with an ardent interest in radio and television broadcasting, audio and video production, the legacy news industry, and media business.

From childhood Martin was intrigued with call letters and on-air branding, voiceovers and music beds, and television graphic package and studio set design. An added fixation with logos and critiquing examples of various graphic design, left him with a peculiar set of interests that he wasn’t sure what to do with.

The mainstream emergence of the internet in the late 1990s coinciding with Martin’s adolescence made for unique timing. Old enough to have sampled an early life with cassettes, corded landlines, and rabbit ear antennas, he was also young enough to seamlessly acclimate to a fast-changing world on the receiving end of new technology and changing media.

Little did Martin know in 1999 that his summertime hobby building a pro wrestling website would profoundly impact his life direction. With a fresh digital landscape to scratch multiple creative itches, much of his time was occupied recreationally designing websites, manipulating graphics, sketching logos, recording and editing audio, and writing full-length columns about pro wrestling and sports. Martin studied graphic design and print journalism at Lewis University and graduated in 2008.

At his first graphic design job out of college, Martin was tasked with bringing and maintaining his employer’s small business website in-house. With added digital marketing opportunities to grow website traffic, Martin put his writing and editing skills to work producing original website content optimized for search and writing ad copy for pay-per-click advertising. After shifting full-time responsibilities to website management in 2016, he continues to specialize in small business web design and content development.

Martin has one wife, one 401(k), zero cryptocurrency, and an unusually large collection of baseball hats. He enjoys running outdoors, reading non-fiction detective mysteries, and keeping up with his favorite sports teams – while still keeping an occasionally eye on pro wrestling.

Martin Hawrysko