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Martin Hawrysko

Martin on Media is penned by Martin Hawrysko, a Chicago area web designer, content marketer, and amateur media industry observer. He uses this space to comment on communication and business matters of personal or professional interest in media – with emphasis on live broadcast and digital production, technology, journalism, advertising, graphic design, and general marketing.

From childhood Martin has been intrigued with radio and television nuances such as call letters and on-air branding, jingles and music beds, graphic packages, and studio sets, while well aware of the peculiar nature of such interests. An added fixation with logos and critiquing examples of graphic design from all mediums made for more peculiar interests that he wasn’t sure what to do with.

The mainstream arrival of the world wide web in the late 1990s coinciding with his adolescence made for unique timing. He was of age to experience a decent sample of a world still using cameras with film, corded landline phones, and rabbit ear television antennas, while young enough to naturally acclimate with new media and tech as the world pivoted to digital.

While building his first website in the summer of 1999 he discovered a new hobby to put his design acumen at use. He occupied much of the 2000s occupied with Photoshop to design logos and web graphics, audio editing and production, and indulging his interests by writing about pro wrestling, sports, and media. He studied graphic design and print journalism in college and graduated from Lewis University in 2008.

At his first full-time graphic design job, he took the added responsibility of bringing the company’s website in-house and updating as time allowed. With the emergence of digital marketing in small business, he seized the opportunity and put his writing and editing skill set to use via content development, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising to grow web traffic and call-to-action responses. Today, he makes his living managing and marketing small business websites, fully immersed with content, design, and front-end development.

Martin has one wife, one 401(k), zero cryptocurrency, and an unusually large collection of baseball hats. He enjoys running outdoors, perusing online newspapers, bouncing back and forth between fiction and non-fiction reading, and following his favorite sports teams.

Martin Hawrysko