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Martin Hawrysko

Martin is a Chicago area web designer and digital marketer with a personal and professional interest in media and communication. He uses this space to indulge a life-long passion by discussing various media use and business with an emphasis on the fields of broadcasting, journalism, graphic design, marketing, and technology.

Since childhood, whether listening to the radio or watching a ballgame or newscast on television, Martin was well aware that his attention to detail of on-air branding, music beds, television graphics, and studio sets made for a peculiar set of interests. Before too long he became fixated with logos and developed an eye for critiquing design from across all mediums while his growing interest with the business side of media fueled a mind for assessing marketing and branding.

The rise of the Internet coinciding with Martin’s teenage years made for unique timing. He was old enough to have experienced a decent sample size of a pre-Internet and pre-digital life – the last generation to grow up where corded landlines, rabbit ear antennas, and the Walkman were considered ordinary – while also young enough to naturally keep pace with a fast changing world that was becoming more connected and technologically reliant.

In the summer of 1999 Martin taught himself HTML and hand coded his first website so that he could have a platform of his own to write about, of all things, professional wrestling. Throughout the 2000s his main hobbies were writing columns and blogs, editing audio, sketching designs or manipulating graphics in Photoshop, and building websites. He attended Lewis University where he studied graphic design and print journalism, and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors of Arts. He has since been professionally occupied with website production management regularly consumed with design, content, and digital marketing.

Martin has one wife, one 401(k), zero cryptocurrency, and an unusually large collection of baseball hats and coffee mugs. He enjoys running outdoors, is fascinated with astronomy, regularly re-watches “The Crown”, and after all these years, continues to keep tabs on professional wrestling.

Martin Hawrysko