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New Bing Logo, Attempted Makeover

Microsoft is launching a re-designed and upgraded Bing, which in all honesty, is likely to be noticed by no one. Unless Microsoft is the first to master teleportation to a specified destination via search, they’re not changing the habits of the millions who use Google multiple times an hour.

The tactic to implement Bing into other Microsoft services, such as Xbox or Windows Phone, will probably work just as well as Google practically forcing all users of their services (Gmail, YouTube) to have a Google + account, regardless if they plan to use it or not.

By the way, how’s that working out by the way for Google? At best, Google + makes for a nice virtual paperweight scattered across the World Wide Web.

I’ve mentioned it before and it begs repeating. A Bing.com email address would be badass, so why it was never an option for the old Hotmail, or now for Outlook.com, remains a missed opportunity for Microsoft.

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