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Restaurant Drive-Thru Line

A friend of mine on Facebook posted the following status update…

It’s weird how we live in a a society full of smart phones and dumb f****n people.

The mention of dumb people reminded me of what I observed this morning when driving to the local drug store. In order to get to the CVS parking lot, I had to drive around a ridiculous amount of cars waiting in line at the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru. I counted seven cars. The approximate wait time for that seventh car was probably nearing 10 minutes.

The number of people being served inside the restaurant? Zero. The approximate wait time for the next person who goes inside for service would probably be anywhere from 40 seconds to two and a half minutes.

… And no. I was not the eighth car, or any other car in that drive-thru line. If I were to have really wanted Dunkin’ Donuts, I would had been that next person going inside for service… and out again before the third car in drive-thru receives their order.

And hey… I’m not denying that I sometimes am a dumb f***. I just happen to have the drive-thru versus -walk-in dilemma figured out!

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